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The Base Layer Package ($199)

This is the perfect option when you haven’t worked with a stylist before and aren’t sure you’re ready to take the plunge into a full styling experience.  This package is also perfect for those who are looking for shorter-term style advice for events like:

-family photo sessions

-special events

-brides preparing for pre-wedding events (engagement photos, bachelorette and bridal shower style tips, etc)

What is included in this package?

-one-month email access to answer any questions about purchase suggestions and general style tips

-5 virtual shopping links provided for items you are looking for within your identified budget

-assistance with color palettes, budgeting, brands and fabric choices


The Right Layer Package ($499)

How are you supposed to get dressed properly if you don’t have the right layers?  This package focuses on clearing out the bad stuff so we can make room for all the good!  The package is my bread and butter and is a great starting point for exploring your personal style and getting your wardrobe in-line with the woman you are today. 

This package is great for:

-The woman who hasn’t evaluated her personal style in a while (more than a year) and who is ready to invest in a more comprehensive wardrobe overhaul

-The woman who feels like she has a closet full of clothes but constantly experiences the dreaded “nothing to wear”

-The woman who keeps buying the wrong things but isn’t sure what the right things are

What is included in this package?

This package includes everything in the “Basic Layer” package plus:

-a freeing and fun 3-hour in home wardrobe edit where we pull everything out of your closet and assess what stays, what goes and what can be re-purposed!

-a unique-to-you style guidelines package which outlines all of the items needed to help round out your wardrobe with details on silhouettes to look for, brands to target and shopping tips


The Full Layer Package ($999)

The next step up, this package is more hands on and will ultimately leave you feeling more stylish and confident than ever before! This package is perfect for:

-The woman going through a life transition.  Are you gearing up for that big promotion at work and you need to look the part?  Maybe you’re taking the leap in your personal life and need that extra confidence boost for a first date?  Are you currently learning how to love, embrace and dress your post-baby body?  Life transitions always call for a style check-in and we’ll make sure your closet is serving you well for this next stage!

What is included in this package?

Everything in the “Right Layers” Package plus:

-2-hour in store shopping experience at one location where we can find the perfect items together to help you round out your wardrobe!

-Follow-up in home 3-hour styling session where we create outfits with your existing and new pieces to create a look book of outfits for you to reference all season long!