The Ultimate 2019 Style Challenge to Simplify Your Closet and Your Life!

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Are you in? Maybe you aren’t sure yet? Well I’m hoping that' you’ll be convinced after reading what’s to follow…

This challenge is aptly named for its difficulty factor (particularly for those shopaholics among us) but I promise that good things are in store!

I’ve taken a vow in 2019, and I’d love for you to join me!

The Ultimate 2019 Style Challenge

1.       You can buy ONE new wardrobe item each month in 2019 (or beyond!).

2.       If I donate/re-home 10 items, I can buy one new item

3.       If I sell an item (Ebay, Poshmark, etc) I can replace it with something of equal or lesser value (preferably secondhand) OR use that money towards my one larger purchase for the month!

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And That’s it!  Easy right?  I’m not giving myself any monetary restrictions for each monthly purchase because I know what my budget is and I do well staying within it—maybe some months I’ll buy something larger, other months it may be something quite small…but feel free to set your own boundaries and expand this challenge to make it your own! 

For those of you who LOVE style like yours truly, this is a daunting task.  However, anything worth doing isn’t easy, so it’s time to get to it!

So, first thing’s first, what is the real reason am I doing this, and why do I think you’re going to benefit too?

1.        We should only allow things we absolutely love and that fit us well to take up precious closet space.

Why aren’t we only wearing exactly what we love?

Well, for starters, most people don’t clean out their closets with any frequency (which I can help with btw!), and the clutter slowly (or quickly, depending on the severity of your shopping habit) builds up.  If you aren’t cleaning out and re-assessing every six months, you wardrobe is likely starting to wear you instead of the other way around. 

I also don’t know about you, but my closet space is limited…that is precious real estate in there!  Let’s not allow pieces that aren’t servicing us well to clog up our physical (and mental) space.  Let’s go all Marie Kondo and get rid of that non joy-sparking clutter!

2.       It is better for the environment

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This topic deserves about 20 blog posts on its own, so I’ll try not to go into a rabbit hole here.  This quote effectively and graphically sums up how current fashion habits are impacting our environment:

“Garments are offered cheaper than a sandwich.  Prices profess that these clothes are to be thrown away, discarded as a condom and forgotten before being loved and savored, teaching your consumers that fashion has no value” -Li Edelkort

I have always been a huge proponent of consignment, vintage and secondhand shopping, but I know I still have too many items that aren’t being put to full use and I am working to do better.  With this challenge I will buy less, better things and wear them until they can’t be worn or repaired anymore!

3.       Detoxifying our closets, and our lives.

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Does anyone else create a personal theme for each year?  I started in 2018 with a one-word mantra or short phrase to keep in mind for the year, and 2019’s word is “wellness”.  For me wellness means a variety of things, and a couple of them include “simplification” and “detoxification”.  I suffer from major decision fatigue, and I’m excited to start paring back all of the things I am surrounded by. 

Not only am I taking on this style challenge in my closet, but the shopping detox has translated to wanting to simplify other areas of my life as well.  I’ve basically thrown away most of my makeup, opting for just a handful of higher-quality products.  I’m working to overhaul our cleaning products to clear out additional toxins in our home.  My husband and I food prep every Sunday so that our meals are healthy and planned out for the entire week. 

All of this gives me peace of mind, makes me feel WELL, and I can already tell it’s working wonders.

I guess all of this gives Well Layered a whole new meaning!

4.       Practicing gratitude

How many of you have a gratitude practice?  I try my best to practice gratitude daily but I’m not always successful (that’s why it’s a practice!)  For me, I practice gratitude by thinking about a few, seemingly insignificant things, that I am so grateful for during the day. Things that are unique to that day…obviously I’m thankful everyday for my husband, my dog, my home…. but what about that beautiful late afternoon sun hitting my face on my drive home?

Each day has its own gifts and practicing gratitude is a great way of being more aware of what we have…. which I have found to be directly correlated with wanting less.  If I’m showing gratitude and loving on all of the beautiful clothes I am lucky enough to own, how could I want to constantly be buying more?  After just a few months of thinking this way, I not only have bought less but I haven’t been craving new clothing purchases like I have in the past. 

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 I’m so excited to be taking on this challenge and I know it will be a game changer for anyone who commits to it!  I’ll be posting throughout the year with what items I am purchasing (they surely have to be GOOD to make the cut!) and I hope to hear from you on Instagram, via email or below on how you are participating!

Does this challenge intrigue you but it seems WAY too daunting to commit to?  I’m always available for a free consult for new clients and would love to chat with you about how we can work together to transform your wardrobe in a real way!  Check out what clients are saying about working with me here.

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