The Best Outfit For (Almost) Any Outing This Fall

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Oh, fall, you beautiful beast you.

The trees ablaze, the chill in the air, the honey crisp apples…and let's be honest, most importantly, the fashion.

Fall is undeniably the best season for dressing.  I'm willing to fight anyone who disagrees.

We’re allowed to play with layers that summer doesn’t tolerate and we’re not yet confined by winter’s puffy practical parkas and boots with the fur.  Fall is the true spirit of style and is a perfect time to refresh your closet.

The heat of summer can be stifling and surely left me feeling less than inspired this year, both in and out of my closet.  Fall is the perfect time each year to reset our wardrobe and our mindset….and hey, if our refreshed fashion repertoire can help with the mindset, win-win!

FACT: putting on pretty, well-fitting clothes will always make you feel more confident.  Rocking warm, rich layers in the fall always allows me to feel invigorated in a way that summer's sundresses just cannot compare.  If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, maybe try some of the pieces I list're in for a treat!

During our recent trip to Europe, fall was already in full force, so you can imagine my huge disappointment arriving home to Minnesota in mid-September to 85 degree weather.  Mother Nature, if I may, it’s time to bid farewell to the swimsuits, the short shorts and the sundresses (until Spring Break at least). 


This outfit was one of my favorite ensembles for touring during the day in Europe and incorporates five simple tried-and-true pieces for building that perfect fall wardrobe.  Bonus: you probably already have at least a few of these items on hand.

The bodysuit

We saw this 90s trend make a comeback a little bit last year but it is in full force for 2017.  It’s honestly a wardrobe dream and I can’t believe I am only now really incorporating them into my closet.  I’ve stocked up on a few this season already and you should too!  It gives you the perfect base for layering without the puckering or bulk of a basic tee.

Bodysuit is from   Madewell

Bodysuit is from Madewell

The long vest

The long vest comes in many shapes in lengths, but one that has a little movement to it makes it all that more fun to wear!  I seriously feel like a super-chic badass every time I put this bad boy on.  I’m currently on the hunt for more to rock this fall and winter including a more structured one for the office.

This vest is from a vintage shop, brand unknown.  You can find a similar one  here

This vest is from a vintage shop, brand unknown.  You can find a similar one here

The bootie

We all love a good bootie.  It’s the perfect day-to-night shoe and this season especially we are seeing so many amazing textures and colors.  I’m swooning over all the velvet options but have yet to find my perfect pair.  These booties, which I have raved about on Instagram, are my go-to leather booties.  They are the perfect shade of brown and insanely comfortable (aka I could walk 10+ miles touring in these puppies!)

Booties are from Madewell, fall 2016.  Similar style this season  here

Booties are from Madewell, fall 2016.  Similar style this season here

The seasonal hat

For years I felt like I just wasn’t a hat person.  This was until I tried enough of them on to realize that you must find the PERFECT one to match you face shape and hair.  This can entail A LOT of trial and error so I highly encourage you to always try hats on in-store first (or order them online where returns are easy) because they can look so different on every person.  When you find the perfect one for you though…ahhh, bliss.

What’s up next on my fall hat wish list?  A classic French beret

Black sold out.  Merlot currently available  here

Black sold out.  Merlot currently available here

The high-waisted jean

My closet workhorse.  It’s all I buy these days because they look the best on my pear shape, but women of every body type can surely find a high-waisted jean that makes her look and feel like a million bucks!  The key to finding good high-waisted denim in my experience is to ensure that the cotton content is high enough to help them keep their shape throughout the day.  I recommend no lower than 92% cotton content.  If you are going for a more stretchy denim option, try sizing down to ensure the perfect fit all day. 

Jeans are from Joe's, last season.  Similar  here  and   here

Jeans are from Joe's, last season.  Similar here and  here

So, it’s time to settle in to the dropping temps, and cozy up in style.  Bust out that crock pot for some chili, watch some football and hey, why not look like a super beautiful Well Layered goddess in the process? 

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