Looking and Feeling Crush Worthy on Date Night


My first date with my husband took place on a cold January evening back in 2010.  He picked me up in his Volvo to go to dinner at a local brew pub; Kings of Leon was playing on the radio.  I was dying to see this new movie that had just come out—Avatar.  In hindsight, I should have read the online reviews first.

Despite having already sat through the three hours of torture the movie subjected its audience to, he agreed to accompany me.  In addition to that huge sacrifice, at dinner we bonded over the idea of sneaking treats into the theater—I obviously knew he was a winner. 

Almost eight years later our lives look much different.  Date nights going out on the town have often been replaced with takeout and a 10 PM bedtime.  Date night might not always look the same as it did when we were in our early 20's, but one thing has not changed…

date night is still a priority!

On the special occasion that we decide to bypass a Friday night on the couch with our dog and a bowl of popcorn, it feels oh so good to put on that perfect outfit.

Date night should always be a priority but stressing out about what to wear should not be a part of it.  If you find yourself constantly wondering what to wear instead of relying on what is already in your closet, you may want to consider investing in some versatile go-to pieces.

What are those versatile pieces?  How do I feel crush-worthy on date night?

Focus on a luxurious material that makes you feel oh so good!

Think leather (or faux), velvet, silk….or even better, all of the above!

Faux leather leggings

I love these faux leather leggings for date night and bonus, they are super versatile because they are a great casual piece as well.  I recently wore them for a long flight and they are insanely comfortable but also look super chic! Definitely go for the faux version here...you can get an awesome pair for well under $100. 

date night dressing.JPG

Velvet blazer

Velvet is everywhere this season and can work for day or nighttime.  I would encourage every woman to go out and get at least one velvet item for her wardrobe!  Luckily you can find velvet at pretty much every price point.  I picked up this blazer at a local consignment shop for $20. 

date night outfit.JPG

Silk blouse

If you don’t have a basic silk white blouse in your wardrobe I would put it high on your shopping list.  It is insanely versatile and adds the perfect touch of elegance for date night (or any night for that matter).  Silk can be quite pricey so I suggest shopping consignment or discount store.  I picked this up years ago at Nordstrom Rack for under $50.


Wear a special piece of jewelry that you don’t wear everyday

Whether it’s a new statement necklace that makes you smile or a family heirloom ring, having a special piece of jewelry to rock for date night is key.  Wearing your classic pieces is great, but having on one piece that isn’t your everyday really helps get you in the mindset of it being a special occasion.  

For my recent date night, I decided to rock these over-sized earrings!


Treat yo self

Maybe this means ordering the decadent dessert at dinner that you wouldn’t normally eat.  Or maybe you choose to splurge for a mani/pedi earlier in the day (my personal favorite!).  Whatever it is for you, make sure that you make it a priority for your special date night! 


Ask yourself: “Does what I am wearing make me smile?"

This is such a simple test but I think the most important one.  Are you smiling as you leave the house?  If instead of beaming ear-to-ear you are praying that your feet make it through the night in your 5 inch heels, you should stop and reassess.  Your clothes, first and foremost, should empower you to feel like the most confident and most beautiful version of yourself.  It is going to be impossible to feel your best all night if you can’t comfortably walk out the door.


Where are you heading for your next date night?  Wherever it is, I hope that you can leverage your wardrobe to look and feel like the crush-worthy beauty that you are.

If you'd love more tips on building the perfect wardrobe this season, check out my Fall/Winter Style Guide here!

Happy Date Night!