How to Look Like a Stylish Adult on Game Day


Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion and every Saturday this season we have a super awesome reason to dress up: college football!  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the sport, I think we’ve all taken part in the awesomely-fun festivities at one time or another.

Game day, no matter the time of year or the sport, gives us all that same excited feeling!

Cheering on your favorite team with great friends, decadent food and countless cocktails usually means throwing on your old college hoodie and a pair of jeans, right?  Or maybe your go-to is that faded jersey that you got for Christmas when you were 15? 

I wore some awfully embarrassing clothes on game day back in college.  Ripped and stained sweatshirts, over-sized t-shirts turned into dresses, red and white striped overalls…anything in the spirit of celebrating the home team.

Even though college is a distant memory, the nostalgia of fall Saturdays is very alive…but guess what?

Game day doesn’t have to be a celebration where fashion goes to die. 

Game day as an adult is an awesome opportunity to represent your alma mater, but also to reflect the fact that you are gainfully employed and can afford classier cocktails than a $5 house party red cup.

Let’s class up this game day party, shall we?  

Elevating an old classic

I wanted to rock my favorite team tee (Go Wisconsin Badgers!) but really wanted to elevate it.  This Badger red sweater tied around the waist adds the perfect feminine touch to an otherwise dull t-shirt and jeans combo.  The wedges and hat make it more seasonal, and let's be honest, just way more fun!

The great news here is that your old go-to game day pieces (like this tee) aren’t destined for the donation bin (although some maybe should be). 

Wedges,  Tory Burch

Wedges, Tory Burch

Sunglasses (sold out,  similar here ), Karen Walker

Sunglasses (sold out, similar here), Karen Walker

Step-hem skinnies,  Madewell

Step-hem skinnies, Madewell

Panama hat,  J.Crew

Panama hat, J.Crew

Focus on the color, not so much on the team name

I love this outfit because it shows devotion to the team without being so obvious.  

Ask yourself this: who are you going to notice in a crowd?  I'm pretty sure its not the girl wearing the ubiquitous red hooded sweatshirt with the school name plastered across the chest.

I promise: being the uniquely, well-dressed person in the room is WAY more fun!  Don't be afraid to stand apart from the rest.

Ark Bag,  Cult Gaia

Ark Bag, Cult Gaia


Last but not least, we need to make sure that our furry friends are Well Layered for game day, because hey, they can take part in the festivities (and high fives) too! 


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Cheers and go team!